Why WE chose the RV Life!

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Tiny living, specifically in motorhomes or trailers, is becoming a new age phenomena. According to recent statistics, there are over one million people who are now full-time living in a recreational vehicle. While some chose the classic motorhome, others go the non-traditional route of conversion vans and built from scratch tiny homes. For our family, personally, we chose a Class C RV.

With the new found information with just how many people are ditching the ‘norm’ and heading out to live in motor vehicles, one has to ponder why. For many people it could be that the cost of renting or owning a home is just too expensive. Other’s may just like that they won’t fall into a boring, every day routine. For us, for a while our “why” was unclear to us, until we actually took the plunge. So what brought us to our risky decision? Well, let me take you back a few years.

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In February of 2016, Derek and I bought our first house together. We were previously renting a small home, and when the lease was almost up, we knew that buying a home was our best bet. Where we resided in Maryland, it was a lot cheaper to actually own a home over renting one, or even an apartment for that matter. After a few months of searching, we purchased a three story townhouse in the heart of our town. We had the best school district, super close to everything that we wanted to be close to, and honestly our property value for resale because of location was outstanding. We planned on staying in our townhouse for at least five to eight years.

In 2018, we quickly realized that we were becoming extremely unhappy in our home. Our previous house that we rented was a bit further out in our town, and we were sitting on an acre of land that was backed to the woods. Our new house was in the middle of suburbia, equipped with a playground directly in front of our house and the stereotypical snooping house wives. We missed living on land, having our privacy, and I specifically missed the warm weather of Florida. As a short backstory, I lived in Florida for five years and my immediate family members still currently reside there. We just knew our three bedroom, two and a half bath townhouse wasn't cutting it anymore and that we had settled. 

If I’m being completely honest, our plan was to buy a new home in the area. We knew it wasn’t the house, per say, that we were so unhappy with. It was the fact that we were in a neighborhood. We just realized after two and a half years of living in our home that we weren’t “neighborhood people”. We were way more happy being on the land and being away from people in our rented house than we ever were being in our bought home. Unfortunately, when we contacted our realtor and started looking at homes, we had a bit of bad news. Because there was an issue with payment once on our home (stupid amazon prime payment going through without warning), it was a negative mark on our mortgage. Because of that negative mark, even though the bank forgave and waved our late payment, we had to wait 9 more months for it to clear to even think about purchasing a new home. We felt stuck. Something that wasn’t really our fault, was now hindering us from, what we thought, bettering our lives and our mental health. Just the thought of staying in that house for 9 more months was a deal breaker for us. So we thought why not just sell the house, move in with our parents for a few months and then try to buy another house. That was until the Mega Millions reached the over a billion dollar mark.

It feels like for an entire week, all anyone talked about was the the billion dollar Mega Millions chance. And for almost two weeks, no one won! So the lottery number just kept getting bigger! What does this have to do with our story exactly? Well, of course we bought lottery tickets during this time because it was almost foolish not to. And no, we didn’t win (haha). However, Derek and I did start day dreaming about what we would do if we DID win that big lotto. We almost had multiple options of how our lives would go if we ever won that much money. But the number one thing, that was consistent in every option was that we’d buy an RV of some sort and travel the country. Derek would leave his job, Madi was already home schooled, I run my business from home, so it was be super easy for us to do - especially if we won the lottery. Then, that sudden realization hit us - why wouldn’t we just do that now anyway? Well it certainly wasn’t normal. Our family would probably have a field day and a million opinions, just mentioning it, but we honestly laid there in our bed just saying over and over again - “We could actually do this right now”. 

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That was enough for us. We sold our house. Then took the money from selling the house and bought our Class C motorhome, remodeled it and moved in. So what exactly is our ‘why’? Well honestly, it was more of a ‘why not’? We longed to feel free in our lives, living more simply, exploring and adventuring our own beautiful country, not paying as many bills as we were before, not waiting until retirement and making beautiful memories with our child now, and most of all - more family time together; all of these could be our ‘why’s’ and they are. But our ‘why not’ is what pushed us into actually living out our dreams now.

- Brittany Fett