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Where one little family decided to ditch the norm, and live a life on the road. Full of mistakes, laughter, and most importantly love, follow us and laugh with us as we do this thing called life.


If you can dream it, you can do it.

Hi there & welcome to The Fetts Adventure! We’re Derek & Brittany and we’re so glad you’re here! After years spent in the typical “American Dream”, we’ve decided to trade everything in to take the road less traveled. With a daughter & dog in tow, we’ve decided to hit the road and experience our personal dreams of travel and adventure.

We believe fully that you shouldn’t wait to live your dreams until retirement. Who made up these rules anyway? Ditch the norm and follow your own dreams NOW! We’ve spent months researching, checking out every Youtube Channel, and nothing quite hit the nail on the head for us. There’s no one way to start your dream, you just have to go for it. Join us on Youtube & watch us take our first steps and wander into this beautiful, crazy, new adventure.

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